Made in Japan Pop-Up Shop

Sometimes eccentric but always trendy and avant-garde, Japanese fashion is a source of inspiration all over the world. Fashion in Japan is a real institution, between kimono tradition and modernity inspired by Nippon pop-culture, the shock gives unparalleled results, of surprising creativity. « Japanese people are great at coordination and expressing their individuality. » – Rei Shito, fashion photographer & blogger
Tokyo is well-known for being so-called Japan’s Fashion Capital. But, after a random encounter with the TEDx Talk speaker Yuri Ojika, we ended up travelling to a lovely Japenese city we never heard about, “FUKUOKA”. FUKUOKA is a new trendlaboratory and real open stage for designers and startups of all kinds. The best thing about Fukuoka fashion is its unpredictability and its uniqueness because it arises from its combination of different cultures. This city is home to an abundance of apparel shops and a large number of fashion enthusiasts. The local fashion scene produces brands with unique ethical and sustainable approaches… There is an unhurried quality to Fukuoka! Interestingly enough, when asked about the differences between Tokyo and Fukuoka fashion, designer Keisuke Ueno explained that, as opposed to Harajuku or Shibuya, in Fukuoka, « Its originality is having no originality... »
Feedelon decided to show the unicity of Fukuoka’s fashion scene. Thus, Feedelon presented the sustainable gems found in the streets of Fukuoka, that may change your vision about fashion and accessories: 
Womenswear with TRANOI CRUISE 
Based in Fukuoka, TRANOI CRUISE is a Japanese innovative brand by their creation and a mix of Fabrics. They showcased their very artsy, yet sometimes minimalistic, pieces at our Pop-up store … Whether you are looking for unique pieces to complement your wardrobe, you are interested in fashion, in Japan or both, there is something for you. 
For many years Hirado, formerly known as Firando Nagasaki, served as the only seaport in Japan open to foreign trade and thus, as a centre for cultural connections. The city’s buildings and atmosphere demonstrate a wide variety of influences. Made-in Firando accessories exhibit a fusion of oriental colours and styles inspired by the many colours and cultures of Hirado. Designed for those with a love of diversity, TOIRO-FIRANDO offers exciting choices for open-minded people eager to express their individuality!
Blue Rank is a Fukuoka-based jewellery brand. They pay attention to every detail to come up with very elegant and unique creations – either minimalistic or classical – that can make a simple outfit look sensational!
Bags by HANSRY
Designed in Japan, handcrafted in Vietnam, coming to Hong Kong… Hansry is this innovative Japanese brand that handcrafts its bags in Vietnam, in a sustainable way. ORIGIENTE for leather wallets CAMUYIPIRIMA for dresses  During this pop-up event, customers discovered Japanese fashion, and find their dream pieces: stylishuniqueethical and sustainable! They also had the opportunity to meet and share our common passion with the Japanese designers.