Venise T-shirt
Venise T-shirt

Venise T-shirt

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Want a trendy t-shirt for this summer? Our Venice t-shirt is the one for you. Its pink colors reminiscent of the sun and summer are made for you! It inspires joy and cheerfulness. It's the perfect t-shirt for spending a sunny day.

Please note: we only work on pre-orders.

Why this system?

To produce just the number of pieces sufficient for our customers.
Thus we limit stocks, we avoid the mess of unsold items and above all we produce only the quantities necessary for you.

Therefore, allow for a 15-day production period.
Casual style
Color: Off-white
Print: Multicolor
Length: Classic
Sleeve length: Long sleeves
Season: Spring/Summer
Transparency: No
Fabric: Soft cotton fleece
Composition: 100% organic cotton certified GOTS eco-responsible
Extensibility: Strong
The Venice T-shirt Need a colorful t-shirt? The Kaparda Venice brings together bright colors that recalls the beach, the sand, the sun. Indeed, it is a 100% organic white t-shirt embellish the front with unique and colorful patterns. The design is really original. The tee-Venice shirt is fluid and very nice. It is suitable for outings, walks or another dinner with friends. If you want to spend a colorful day start already with our Venice t-shirt. It is stylish and goes perfectly with the tendency. If you are a fan of cool looking clothes, treat yourself absolutely this t-shirt. It allows you to dress in a simple way while
maintaining the required elegance and charisma. This is a very inspiring colorful outfit that will motivate you through your day. Our t-shirt has been carefully crafted to let you feel very comfortable wearing it.
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Some precisions
This T-shirt is available in four sizes: 36, 38, 40 and 42. You can wash it in
machine wash at 30°C with similar colors.