Dupleix pants
Dupleix pants
Dupleix pants
Dupleix pants

Dupleix pants

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The Dupleix pants are ideal if you want to adopt a chic and casual look.
Its taupe brown color is very trendy whatever the season. Thanks to its flattering cut, the Dupleix pants will certainly seduce you. The slits on the front of the pants make the difference. Then opt for these pants!

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Style: Urban
Colour: Brown/Orange Lining
Length: Long
Season: All seasons
Transparency: No
Composition: 100% organic cotton certified GOTS eco-responsible
Extensibility: Low
Taupe Duplex pant : Ideal for a chic look, its openings at the ankles immediately give a modern look. These slight slits give a splendid charm to the pants. These are these subtle details that make all the difference. In addition, the Duplex pants are slightly tight. It refines your waist while giving allure to your legs which seemed endless whether you are with sneakers or heels. Its quite special color the advantage of reinforcing the original character that is given to it. By giving you the pants Duplex, you will have managed to have a fashion essential in your wardrobe. You can combine it with outfits in bright or warm colors for an appearance even more stylish. With our Duplex Pants, you pleasantly combine elegance and the simplicity.

Are you for ethical fashion? Then our 100% organic cotton pants would be ideal
for you. It is unique with a lining at the slits. It's 100% plain cotton.
orange GOTS certified which testifies to the fact that our pants are an eco-friendly garment
responsible. Coming from Belgium, it is also made of 100% cotton fabric
plain black cretonne.

Some precisions
These pants are available in four sizes: 36, 38, 40 and 42. You can wash them in machine wash at 30°C with similar colors.