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GBS Foundation

Georgette Biebie Songo is Congolese activist who has been fighting for the right of the women in D.R Congo for more than 20 years.

She was honored by  the UN Women for her work in August 2016

She founded the GBS Foundation to empower women in D.R. Congo through a program divided in 4 streams:

  1. EntrepreneurshipTo provide the program members with free financial and business training classes in a highly structured environment.
  2. Education: This program aims to provide education to young girl and women. Also it aims to educate member’s husband, father, brothers on gender equality and social change in small communities of the Democratic Republic of Congo. 
  3. Microfinance: To empower women (selected carefully) to build small businesses, earn income and better support their families. Also to teach the program members how small savings on a daily basis can help them prepare for unexpected events and expense
  4. Donation: Some found raising campaigns are driven in order to help women jobless or to reinserate in the society

Feedelon engagement is:

  1. To help the GBS Foundation organizing fund raising campaigns
  2. To give back a percentage of the Turnover to the foundation to finance seamstresses