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We craft premium women’s leather sneakers for the modern minimalist. Every pair of Lacess sold, we donate a portion to fight against human-trafficking.

Sonas Weavers Project

Sonas Weaver Project is a social business focused on providing business support and education to small entrepreneurs in rural Cambodia. It is our mission is to initiate mutual empowerment , promote progress and social development via Community Economic Development (CED) […]


We are a brand who firmly believes in the talent of Mexican artisans and attention to detail. The creation and launch of our new collection are based on values such as social integration and concern for the environment. Our designs […]

Anthea Cooper

Established in Hong Kong in 2018, Anthea Cooper’s mission is to inspire women to have a passion and to have fun with what they do and wear. Her pieces are inspired by nature, architecture and her Indian heritage. With her […]

Lu Ming Tang

“Lu Ming Tang harnesses the power of Tea to rescue skin from urban aggressors and infuse it back with luminous beauty.” Lu Ming Tang was inspired by the dream of its French founder, Marie Amiand, a former consultant for high-end […]


Moonava ‘Follow your Dreams’   What are your dreams?  We are more aware than ever.Of what we eat, how much we exercise, and how we care for our planet. With one-third of our lives spent in bed, how we sleep* directly […]

POTL by RamZ

POTL is the acronym of Power Of The Letters. It is a Parisian brand created in 2017 by RamZ (Ramzi Saibi) a French-Tunisian street artist. POTL brand is the reflection of RamZ’s dual culture , a merging of Arabic calligraphy […]

Tropikal Bliss

A Vegan, cruelty free brand that offers products for the hair and skin, using natural and naturally derived ingredients, including fair trade Shea butter and certified organic oils and fruit extracts. Besides paying attention to each ingredient we use in our […]

Cosmos Studio

Cosmos Studio is a sustainable fashion start up based in Hong Kong who uses dyeing innovations in producing minimalistic and contemporary clothing. The used colour diffusion technology saves 95% of water in dyeing and creates no discharge of harmful chemicals into […]


Panafrica is an African wax sneakers created in 2015 by two childhood friends. Hugues has been working for several years in different African countries. Back in France for holidays with some wax fabric in his suitcases, he finds Vulfran. The […]

Harris M.

« I like all accessories. Whether it is for clothes or for home decoration. Based on the fact that we all dress at the same brands’ outlets, I wanted to create accessories that make each outfit unique. I got my inspiration […]

no/one Paris

Using exclusively organic cotton for their collections , No/One is the kid of the new street chic. They stand for this philosophy: you can be everyone and nobody at the same time ! It all started with sweatshirts, T-Shirts, bombers […]


W.Y.L.D.E. Paris is a contemporary fashion brand from France. The brand bases its collections on sustainability and produces limited edition collections with unique pieces. The inspiration behind W.Y.L.D.E.’s collections strives from arts, architectural and urban lifestyle. W.Y.L.D.E. presents eco-conception collections with […]


Osaka, Japan Starting from 0 and end to ZERO. Creating from 0 and forming to ZERO. To represent the Japanese aesthetic and sensibility by the view and creation of ZERO. Hoping that creations to reach the hearts of people all […]


Polaar’s adventure begins 30 years ago with a nice story. It is the story of a teenager, the son of two polar explorers, who embarks on the Vagabond, an icebreaker heading to the Far North, on a scientific mission. That […]


    A woman’s inspiration – JOYCE MUSY, creator of Veld’s Before creating Veld’s, Joyce for France’s major names in haute couture (Dior, YSL, Hermès, Chanel, Lacroix, etc.). She also managed private plastic surgery hospitals in Paris, alongside highly- reputed […]

Imi Et Kimi

Former Professional basketball player and Model, Henri-Philippe Maidou (HP) created  Imi et Kimi in early 2017 The Brand name “Imi Et Kimi” was inspired from the designers’ daughters, Imany and Kimora. Imi Et Kimi is a Street chic fashion brand […]


Introducing art into clothes, couture in the street, Mahka shakes lines and creates a unique fashion label with many facets. Launched in December 2016 & based in Hong Kong, the brand inspirations are numerous and multi cultural, with a strong […]


Fangio takes us right into the beating heart of the classic rally world, putting us face to face with the most iconic drivers.  The brand has chosen an entirely French design and manufacture for this polo to ensure the highest […]

Maison Berdoues

Back in 1902, BERDOUES opened for business in Toulouse city-centre, France. Two young entrepreneurs, Pierre and his brother Guillaume made inroads into the beauty sector by trading as wholesalers in major brand perfumery and salon hairdressing equipment. Guillaume had sharp […]

Etat Libre d’Orange

A Collection for Connoisseurs


[Story in English – Coming Soon]

The French Game

[Story coming soon]


Scarves & Accessories from paintings Founder Céline Chou uses her artworks to create her collections, where each product’s design is from one of her paintings. She believes silk scarf -her signature product- is the timeless item that every woman should […]