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Back in 1902, BERDOUES opened for business in Toulouse city-centre, France.

Two young entrepreneurs, Pierre and his brother Guillaume made inroads into the beauty sector by trading as wholesalers in major brand perfumery and salon hairdressing equipment.

Guillaume had sharp business acumen, eventually taking over the development of the family business in the region… and his efforts soon paid off.

Maison BERDOUES traded from 15 rue Lafayette, Toulouse and its reputation soared.

At the beginning of the 30s, Henri, Guillaume’s son, joined the family business with his two brothers.

Henri had trained as a chemical engineer, but he was first and foremost, a perfume creator, and as it happens impassioned, the “nose” of the House of BERDOUES.

Henri unveiled his most exquisite creation – the legendary Violette de Toulouse – in 1936.

It has withstood the test of time and remains a creation whose success will never go out of fashion, as it is timeless and one-of-a-kind.

By the 40s, the House of BERDOUES was a French household name in it started exporting its products all over the world.

Many articles in the leading women’s magazines raved about the House of BERDOUES’ glass bottle with its as delicate and inimitable puffer spray.

One of today’s House of BERDOUES collections features the bobèche bottle as its by-line and it still delights devotees of authentic fragrancing.

In the 60s, Pierre Berdoues took the reins of the company.

The modern industrialist in him set about revamping the manufacturing facility. A new, bigger, automated production plant was built, while a well-appointed in-house research laboratory put innovation centre-stage of the House of BERDOUES’ strategy.

In 1990, Sophie Berdoues, the founder’s great-granddaughter and qualified pharmacist, joined the family business with her input of expertise and inspiration.

In 2009, Sophie Berdoues became the CEO of the BERDOUES PARFUMS ET COSMETIQUES GROUP.

This sums up the heritage of the House

We are the custodians of the expertise of these four generations of perfumers embodied in original, single-mindedly contemporary creations.

Our creations are a family affair from design to manufacturing through to marketing.

Today, the House of BERDOUES offers rare perfumes, authentic one-of-a-kind blends created in the utmost respect for perfumery at its best.

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