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Introducing art into clothes, couture in the street, Mahka shakes lines and creates a unique fashion label with many facets. Launched in December 2016 & based in Hong Kong, the brand inspirations are numerous and multi cultural, with a strong influence of French “touch” due to the origin of its founder. Other inspirations as street, rock and vintage are visible. The Mahka universe offers clothes designed in collaboration with artists. Limited quantity, guarantee quality and exclusivity. More than clothes, it is a real lifestyle that Mahka represents. The story building this name, “Mahka”, is very basic: “Ma” as Maguelone and “Ka” for Calmels. This is the name of the founder. The “hk” in between refers to Hong Kong (but you don’t pronounce it), the city where the founder grew up.


  Mahka is glad to introduce to you the Donka collection: an inspiration from the roots. Donka Gantcheva was the great grand mother of Mahka founder. She owned her own couture house in Bulgaria, Burgas city, during the 1930s. The Mahka founder did a recent trip to Bulgaria to encounter her background. She came back from that family trip with many sources of inspirations & a refined selection of traditional artworks. This collection is a tribute to Eastern Europe embroidery technique. All the items are directly inspired by Donka authentic couture artworks. The original version was made up of delicate cotton, silk & hand made embroidery, which has been reinvented into contemporary outfits, suitable for our daily life. From casual style to chic, all outfits come in limited quantity to guarantee quality & exclusivity. The elegant Mahka Donka dresses & man shirt are perfect for spending the day at the office but also for night fun time, while the legging & tee shirt artworks are pure street style.


  Made in collaboration with Hall of Black, a talented tattoo artist based in Hong Kong. Working for well known tattoo shop Galaxy Tattoo III in Sai Ying Pun (Hong Kong) where they custom made every tattoo to your need. His blackwork tattoo style, focus in double elements design is very unique. Our special tee collection was made to celebrateChinese Valentines ’ day. I t represent s two complementary artworks using tattoo drawing technique.

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