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“Lu Ming Tang harnesses the power of Tea to rescue skin from urban aggressors and infuse it back with luminous beauty.”

Lu Ming Tang was inspired by the dream of its French founder, Marie Amiand, a former consultant for high-end international beauty brands, living in Shanghai.

After ten years of intense city life, Marie fell sick, intoxicated by pollution. Her son just born, she decided to step out of her urban life and seek a new path to vitality. On her quest for harmony and healing, Marie travelled to the magnificent tea valley of Longjing, near the former imperial city of Hangzhou. It was a journey that would change her life. In the heartland of Chinese tea culture, Marie was initiated into an understanding of rejuvenation rooted in a millenary philosophy.

Through tea, its holistic wisdom and the healing power of its infusions, she discovered a spring of vitality, a well of strength, and a state of wellbeing that had been lacking from her life for so long. As a beauty expert, Marie began dreaming of a high-potency tea-infused skincare line that could encapsulate the time-proven efficacy of its bio-active nutrients and deliver the same detoxifying boost, profound restorative action to her stressed and tired complexion.

After 3 years of meticulous research, and extraordinary journey, Lu Ming Tang was born.

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