ITW Soluna London

Soluna London is an international jewellery brand that offers fine handmade pieces featuring exceptional quality, innovative designs and delivered with impeccable service. By its fresh British designs, SOLUNA offers you modern and high-end jewellery that will make you stand out and have a positive impact on your lifestyle. All jewels are carefully wrapped with the best European packaging. From the Modern British designs to the Ancient Peruvian inspirations, each of our Soluna Jewellery has a rich and interesting story to share. We spent some time with the Founder, Miguel Depaz, to learn more about his passion for precious pieces.
Please tell us more about you. What is your Background?
I do not come from a traditional designer’s background. I studied engineering in top university and schools. In the corporate world, I have been working in Marketing, Innovation and Strategy until I created Soluna. I am now its Creative and Marketing Director. 
Where does the name of brand come from?
Our brand name comes from merging two Spanish words that have a deep meaning in ancient Peruvian societies. Their worship of the Sun and Moon, their love of gold and silver are key factors that have shaped our brand name, SOLUNA. SOL: The sun, which represented the mighty god, and LUNA: The moon, which represented the main goddess. In ancient times, only the emperor (or Inca) and the royal family were allowed to wear gold and other people could wear silver and other semi-precious stones. 
Why Jewellery? Have you always been passionate by jewellery?
No, I am not interested in jewellery or fashion per se. What interest me about fashion is the innovation and development of new concepts and products that would transcend time and borders. I am interested in making beautiful things using precious, high-quality and rare materials that showcase design, art, and craftsmanship.More importantly, I have always been driven by the idea that I could give something back to my country and Peruvian fellows. Peru is so rich in natural resources, but so poor in exporting high-quality finished products. For centuries, we have been exporting the rough materials without creating significant value. Yet, we have unparalleled craftmanship and thousands of years expertise in jewellery. 
When did you get the idea to create a jewellery brand? 
After my fourth visit to China, I realised that many people did not know about my home country nor its culture. I was shocked. So, I decided to do something about it. 
How did you create the Brand?
I came up with the idea to establish an international and contemporary jewellery brand, taking inspirations from my Peruvian heritage. To achieve this goal, I trained to become a jewellery and gemstone expert at GIA London (Gemological Institute of America) and acquired a wealth of knowledge by attending jewellery trade shows and engaging with the industrial leaders.I wanted to create a luxury company that will increase the value add to the Peruvian economy by producing jewellery at home and not just selling metals to others to process. To add the highest services for our jewellery, the company has been set up in London, which is the world’s luxury capital and houses many very successful brands.By doing this, I will endeavour to be a role model to young Peruvians, to show that they can succeed in business if they work hard and believe in themselves. This is why I have started Soluna brand and company. 
What is the identity of Soluna? 
Modern Design, Ancient Inspirations. 
How would you position Soluna in the jewellery ecosystem?
Affordable Handmade Luxury brand, which focuses on modern designs and craftsmanship. 
Who does inspire you or influence your design?  
Ancient cultures, architectures and meaningful symbolisms inspire me. I love geometry, shapes, patterns and vivid colours.
Where do you make your jewellery? 
We source local materials and handmade in our workshops in Peru.
How do translate/define the ethical and/or sustainable aspect of your brand? 
We produce in limited quantities and our workshops have the sustainable accreditations. We work with local workshops to preserve its long-standing traditions and know-how of working with precious metals. Our suppliers pay fair wages and provide health care system. 
Do you work with certified “fair mines”? 
All our sourced materials can be traced to fair mines. They are produced using sustainable policies. 
What is your biggest challenge as an entrepreneur in Jewellery? 
Being noticed by savvy journalist and influential bloggers that want to collaborate with our brand without asking for unreasonable financial compensation. 
What were the toughest challenges so far? 
To perfect the product design, techniques and overall finishing to fit the worldly women needs. As it was hard for my local Peruvian artisans to imagine the life of a cosmopolitan women living in London, New York or Shanghai. 
Any tips or recommendation you would share with new entrepreneurs in “Fashion”?
Create brands and products that make a difference or have sense to exist in this crowded world. 
Where do sell your jewellery? (Country, shops,…) 
You can find Soluna collections in boutiques and showrooms around the world. You can find Soluna pieces in London Mayfair, Notting Hill, Shanghai, and Hong Kong.