ITW Harris M

Who is behind the “Harris M”? 

Harris, me, my creativity and the way I want people to be dress. In a colourful way with a touch of Africa. Family with Naturelle and Stéphanie who join me in all my things.

Please tell us more about you. What is your Background? 

I grow up in a family full of artists. Musicians, dancers, tailors, designers… So for me it normal to do something in art. I like fashion design so it’s natural for me to have Harris M design cloths and accessories cause I love fabrics, in particular African fabrics all of them.

Where does the name “Harris M” come from? 

Harris is my first name and M. the first letter of my last name.

When did you get the idea to create “Harris M”? 

I always had the idea of creating Harris M. but I wasn’t ready yet. My father was a tailor in Congo and I wanted his skill to continue with me so last year I begin the Harris M adventure.

How did you create the Brand? 

I start with accessories cause I think it’s important to accessorise an outfit. For me it’s a way to be special and unique. I like the idea of people being unique. Then I start to saw.

How would you position your brand? 

I think my Brand is just at the beginning of his journey, For me Harris M is not just a brand of cloth, for me it also a brand of interior design that I will develop. So Harris M is going to be a Fashion and interior design brand always with my African touch.

Where do you source your fabrics and where do you make your products? 

I source my fabric in Paris, I work with some Senegalese fabric seller, so the fabrics mostly came from Senegal. All the products are made in Paris.

Today we are talking about ethical and sustainable brands in Fashion. What is your approach? 

I work with 2 seamstresses in Paris and with her I always try to use all the fabric for a zero waste. I design timeless cloth that will stay in time, so people have not to change all the time. I why I design kimono, it’s a timeless jacket that I really like and y put my African touch by using fabric that I always know, For me African print fabric is timeless.

What were your biggest challenges as an entrepreneur? 

Trust in myself

Apart from “Harris”, are there any brands you would recommend worth checking? 

Maison chateau rouge