About us

Our Philosophy

Feedelon was born out of a desire to promote beautiful and stylish emerging brands that protect people and the environment.
For Feedelon sustainability sums up to one word: “Help”.
We are Helping the environment. 
We are Helping communities getting a sustainable income, promote and keeping a local know-how
We are Helping customers find the emerging brands with true sustainability values.
All Brands fit into at least one of the criteria below:

Our main goal is to curate and promote emerging brands customers at the edge are looking for 

About us

Feedelon was founded with the intention to curate and promote sustainable brands with the customers that believe in sustainability. 
Feedelon name comes from “Fidelity” and “coupon”. We offer to all of our customers the opportunity to promote and support brands through our referral programme. Our programme is unique.
Also, core to our values, we realized the main problem for customers and brands into Sustainability was not only visibility and curation, but also the “Trust”. 
Therefore, we introduce technology to ensure full transparency to the clients and full engagement to the brands. 
Our main goal is to disrupt the high street fashion model to answer the customers need toward sustainable fashion: True transparency and Authenticity
Demo: Video: https://youtu.be/tCuXvGZDPUk

Feedelon E-Shop

The Feedelon e-shops offers consumers a choice of international brands. Our brands reach all corners of the world and we only work with those that meet the highest standards of quality and ethical conduct and compliance. 

To download the Feedelon App please visit the Apple Store or Google Play Store. 

The Founders

Herve Kozikila – Founder 

Born and raised in Paris, Herve grew up in a multicultural environment with origins from the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa. With a background in professional basketball, Herve developed his business mindset around that of team spirit, collaboration, fairness and leadership. His career saw him working for world renowned Telecoms and Banking companies like Orange and Barclays Bank where he was placed in Paris, London, Singapore and Hong Kong. Through these, his passion for fashion and lifestyle products was born. 
With a strong belief in supporting communicates and ethical brands, in September 2017 Herve set up Feedelon. He believes that Feedelon is a means to help communities scale their businesses, whilst highlighting local products and regions.  His unrivalled determination for “Zero Waste” and supporting local communities, stems from his early days where he would collect old clothing to send to support groups in Africa, especially those who were victims of war crimes. He is now setting out to change the way that people shop and make ethical brands accessible to everyone, anywhere, anytime. 

Lassaad Ismail – Co-Founder 

Born in Tunisia, Lassaad arrived in France at the age of 18 to pursue his studies in Computer Science in Paris. Graduated from ENS Telecom Paris, he worked as a Business Process Management Consultant for Société General, before he setting up his own Consulting firm. 
A born leader, Lassaad successfully founded two social enterprises in France. One which is a social association around football (his passion) and the second a foundation that supports children’s education and families in need for Africa. Needless to say, the core of his beliefs is to make the world a better and more fun place! 
Lassaad joined Feedelon as a co-Founder in October 2017 to support these ideologies. He brings is expert knowledge in IT to raise the profile of the brand through marketing and online presence, and is key to developing the infrastructure of the model.


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The Bridge Fashion Factory 

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We are always open to new ideas! There are many ways to get involved…
Volunteer as a freelance writer or blogger.
Join as an advisor to build partnerships across brands.  
Or any other creative idea you may have we are open!
If you feel like joining us please contact us at: contact@feedelon.com 
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