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Feedelon concept

Feedelon Concept

Support innovative and ethical brands and be rewarded

With Feedelon, you can now support innovative and ethical brands. Through our interactive loyalty program, be rewarded every time you recommend a product or a brand

Customers are the real brands ambassadors by purchasing and sharing their products experience on social media!

What's Feedelon?

Feedelon is an interactive platform to support creative brands and reward  their loyal customers.

At Feedelon, we truly believe that:

  • We don’t need to be big to have an impact
  • We are all influencers and we love to recommend brands around us
  • Lots of unknown creative designers offer quality products  and deserve to be under the spotlights

Feedelon put together all these practice on an interactive Marketplace to support innovative designers.

By promoting your favorite products around you with Feedelon, you create a valuable impact for the brands, for your friends and for you! Everyone wins!

How it works?