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Fangio takes us right into the beating heart of the classic rally world, putting us face to face with the most iconic drivers.  The brand has chosen an entirely French design and manufacture for this polo to ensure the highest possible quality. With the tapered fit, shirt collar and ultra-thin placket, this polo is a uniquely elegant item of casualwear. It is the ideal choice for those who like to live life in the fast lane.

Break through the limits of the possible.

At the four corners of the Earth, a spiritual, aesthetic and wild quest.

We’ve broken our limits. There are no more limits.

A free-roaming spirit, walking side by side with a wild tiger, a passing acquaintance or firm friend.

Leave, explore, meet, immerse.

With an unsatiable ambition and sure-footed instincts, he walks into the unknown.

There, there’s nothing to lose.

He is what he has experienced, he’ll be what he will experience.


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